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Nerissa graduated from the Court Reporting program at NAIT in 2001 and has enjoyed working as a court reporter and being a part of the legal and court reporting community. In her 19 years, she has done work all over Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories. Her repertoire of experience includes a little bit of everything: questionings, hearings, arbitrations, criminal court trials, civil court trials, union negotiations, Senate meetings, and the list goes on.



Holly and Nerissa met in 2009 when their oldest daughters attended the same playschool. Holly was inspired by Nerissa to pursue a career in court reporting and enrolled in the program at NAIT in 2011. Nerissa and Holly discussed plans (over many glasses of wine) to start a partnership within the court reporting field once Holly finished the program. Fast-forward a few years, Holly realized that her passion was on the editing side creating a beautiful partnership scoping and proofing transcripts for Nerissa.

How did we get here:

In January of 2016, Nerissa and Holly formed a partnership where Nerissa was the on-site court reporter and Holly did all the behind-the-scenes editing. This was a highly successful endeavor, and the partnership enabled transcript production to take less time than the traditional approach of a court reporter doing all the writing and editing by themselves.

In the spring of 2017, the idea to start a company to assist court reporters with their editing was borne, and Holly and Nerissa started The Scoping Network. The editing part of transcript production is in high demand, and TSN has provided support to court reporters all over Canada looking for experienced scopists to scope and proofread their transcripts.

Court Reporting Network:

The concept of the Court Reporting Network is based on the successful partnership model that developed over the years. It was easy to see that what a team could accomplish was far greater than what any one reporter could produce by themselves.                         

Holly and Nerissa decided that they wanted to offer similar partnerships and team approaches with other reporters. The idea of having a dedicated team allows Court Reporting Network to provide transcripts in a faster turnaround time as well as the ability to offer support services to court reporters.